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Brimfield Police Website

Public Safety Web Design has worked with a number of public safety focused clients on websites and a variety of other apps and projects.

Whether you are right next door or across the country, Public Safety Web Design has the capability to offer creative designs and reliable website development at the service level you deserve and within your budget. We understand you and your citizens and we can help boost your online identity and presence for the citizens you serve.

We refer to your city, law enforcement and fire department website as an online sub-station or branch because we believe your website must act as a branch of your physical location. People typically look for information online before going to a physical location or building, so the public experience you work so hard to build in person must extend to your website. Your online presence gives people the opportunity to experience your department from the very start of their search.  We don’t understand why some cities and towns have brand new buildings but their website looks like its from 2002.

Generally, our website planning follows a simple four phase process:

Phase 1: Website Planning
Phase 2: Website Design
Phase 3: Website Development
Phase 4: Ongoing Website Evaluation and Enhancement

Much of the website work is done internally here and we don’t need to bother you with a bunch of meetings or calls. We just take over and go based on what you are looking for. This is what saves time and money and has worked for many agencies of all sizes that we have created websites for.  So get it touch with us if you are looking for someone who can do all the work for you without breaking the budget.


Clientsare saying

  • peabody police
    Peabody Police
    "We already had a website from another company, the problem was we could not update it ourselves. We had to keep paying money each time we needed to change something on the site.  Since the site was a few years old we decided to update to a new site design and wanted something we could handle ourselves.  We debated doing it internally but decided by the time we managed to figure it out we would be better off finding someone, plus we don't really have the time to be building a new website.  We were delivered what we needed and we can manage the new website now"  Deputy Chief Cohan

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