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How do we save you money and cost?

Let Us Choose the Vision!

If you really don’t have much of an idea of the look you are going for, you can let us have free reign of the design. This is what we love to do and typically what we prefer to do based on experience.

We have the skill to have your website match your department’s message, goals, and audience.

If you are interested in use then you have probably chosen Public Safety Web Design based on our past designs and experience, so trusting us to create something the you like and will work for your project should be possible. And going with the design we come up with will keep your costs down.  So this is the patch we prefer to work with.

The other choices…

The other choices are where design costs typically are. When a designer is taking a stab in the dark or directions are vague, the hours will quickly add up. Also having a committee or command staff with with several different visions of what the finished project should look like will get you into the same problems. You either need to be very clear with your team and come to an agreement before you get the designer involved, OR, agree to be open-minded, trust us and accept the final design you’re given. Otherwise you can expect it to take a lot of extra hours.

You can also do it yourself or have someone in the department who may or not know about computers do it.  Those tend to look like you did it yourself, if you want some example of the differences, send us an email.